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One of the most visited pages on our website is the About page, which describes SIMTICS, our philosophy and introduces our team. Since that page is so popular I was thinking of including some of that information here in a blog article, but really this blog isn’t about us…  So before we talk about us, let’s talk about you and why you might want to be here, learning more about SIMTICS and virtual simulations.
You will like it here if:
  • you are an allied health student and you feel you’re not getting enough practice of the clinical or medical imaging procedures you need to learn – you can practice as often as you like with SIMTICS, and you can track your progress in your logbook.
  • you are an allied health student and you get really stressed about labs and clinical. Our system is endlessly patient and will let you try as many times as you like. Plus there will be  no-one observing or looking over your shoulder, and SIMTICS doesn’t mind if you make mistakes – that’s part of learning! The system will give you the correct answer so you can learn it and proceed to the next step.
  • you are a forward-thinking educator involved in sonography, radiography, medical assisting or other clinical programs – SIMTICS will add huge value to your program as a digital resource that students can access any time for learning, practicing and testing their skills. You can also use it as a teaching tool in class.
  • you are an allied health educator and you’re looking for ways to give your students more clinical practice time. The problem with clinical rotations is the random nature of the cases – some students call it “training by chance.” So how do you ensure students get to practice all the key procedures they need to know? Enter SIMTICS, which provides cognitive learning and practice opportunities for a whole range of skills, some of which your students may never even get to experience during their practicums.
  • you are a clinical coordinator and your hospital & clinical partners say that your students aren’t prepared well enough, aren’t confident enough, or ask silly questions. SIMTICS is always available, so even if a student studied a skill 6 months ago, or even if they are going to observe or assist with a procedure that hasn’t been covered in class yet, they can jump online right now and go through the procedure on SIMTICS.
  • you are an allied health educator teaching a blended, hybrid or distance learning program – SIMTICS is a great digital resource that your students can access from anywhere, for unlimited time. And through the reporting you can see how often they log in, their scores, their completion times, and even drill down to see the errors they’re making in the simulations.
  • you are an allied health instructor trying to flip your classroom – SIMTICS is an ideal resource to assign your students to study before class-time and clinical labs. They will arrive forearmed with knowledge and better-prepared, so you can spend your time together on higher order learning like personal coaching, competence checking, Q&A, and so on.
  • you are an education leader looking for ways to differentiate your allied health programs and help your students be more successful. Nowadays most students expect at least some of their learning, even in on-ground programs, to incorporate online, digital resources. SIMTICS is an innovative web product that will allow them to learn clinical and medical imaging procedures anytime, anywhere, and be always available to help them refresh their knowledge.
Now I’ll flip it around. SIMTICS is not right for you if:
  • you are a student looking for an “easy way” to learn clinical or medical imaging procedures. Sorry, becoming competent takes time and practice – but we can help you to fit in extra practice whenever you’ve got time, not just when you’re on campus, and we’ll guide you while you’re learning.
  • you don’t like technology. Sorry, SIMTICS is a cloud-based product that runs in a web browser – but it’s really easy to use, it has a nice, friendly tutorial, and it works so well that we hardly get any support queries!
  • you are an educator who likes teaching “the way you’ve always done”. Sorry, using an innovative tool like SIMTICS will require you to tweak a few things in your program (for example, including it in the way you assess your students), but we think you’ll find that the benefits for you and your students will be enormous.
  • you think your students already have everything they need. Sorry, then we can’t help you (but honestly, have you asked them?)

If you recognize yourself above (in the first bulleted list!) and would like to know more, then you are welcome to contact us at [email protected].


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Justine and her team do all the business and marketing support for SIMTICS. This includes looking after our social media pages - and writing articles for this blog.

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