Author Cherry Vanderbeke

Cherry is the COO. She brings a wealth of expertise to the company, having started her career as an educator, then moving into the computer industry to use her education skills there. She moved through a variety of roles, including management consulting, which led to her becoming a senior executive. Cherry has been with SimTutor since late 2008 and enjoys sharing the benefits of web-based skills simulations with educators and students right around the world.


You’re in good company. SIMTICS’ has a wide range of institutional customers. Many are based in the USA, such as Kettering College, Sacramento Ultrasound Institute, Washburn University, State Fair Community College, and ICPR Junior College in Puerto Rico. In fact,…

Educators how to have an unforgettable conference

Technology has advanced so much in recent years, with Google Hangouts and online webinar software, are in-person events still important? Why make the effort of booking travel and accommodation when you can often attend online seminars from the comfort of…


We celebrated Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month during October, and then National Radiologic Technology Week at the beginning of November. This is why I chose a medical imaging theme for our November newsletter. The SIMTICS team is proud to have a…