Author Shelly Zimbelman--Previous Director of Learning and Content Development

Shelly Zimbelman RT(R)(CT), RDMS, RDCS has been in the healthcare field for over 20 years, with her early career in medical imaging. After studying Radiography and Sonography, she moved into education as an instructor and later a program director. Shelly played a key role in the team that selected and implemented SIMTICS for a large project when she was at Career Education Corporation (CEC). For several years she managed the operations of health consumer training programs for CEC before joining SimTutor as a senior member of the Content team in 2018. She returned to the Sonography profession in early 2021.

Allied Health Education

SIMTICS Vascular Ultrasound Simulations This bundle of 5 modules covers key procotols for vascular scanning: ultrasound examination of the lower limb arteries – covers scanning of the femoropopliteal segment, distal external iliac and common femoral artery, femoral artery, popliteal arteries, tibial…