Who uses SIMTICS?


You’re in good company.

SIMTICS’ has a wide range of institutional customers. Many are based in the USA, such as Kettering College, Sacramento Ultrasound Institute, Washburn University, State Fair Community College, and ICPR Junior College in Puerto Rico. In fact, ICPR is one of our largest sonography customers, with over 500 sonography students!

In the last few months we have welcomed several new customers including Nova Southeastern University, The College of Health Care Professions, and the University of South Australia. Elsevier Australia has recently integrated 10 SIMTICS clinical modules into their Nursepoint product. GE Healthcare is also a customer, and uses SIMTICS to train their ultrasound distributors in the ASEAN region. Apollo Hospitals Group in India, one of the largest integrated healthcare groups in the region, uses SIMTICS as part of its innovative education offerings to new doctors, and its online education arm, Medvarsity is a SIMTICS reseller.

We are an international bunch.

As well as institutional and corporate customers, SIMTICS has individual web subscribers in nearly 100 countries and 898 cities around the world, encompassing students, healthcare professionals and teachers. Some of our subscribers’ stories are fun – like the zoo vet who used our obstetric ultrasound modules to teach herself how to scan a pregnant ape! Other subscriber stories are inspiring or eye-opening – like the subscriber in sub-Saharan Africa who cycles 2 hours to reach his nearest internet cafe in order to connect to SIMTICS. Or the doctor who fled from Syria to Armenia and has been using SIMTICS to cross-train and learn ultrasound scanning. And then there’s the doctor in Nepal who can only access the internet (and SIMTICS) outside of the scheduled rolling power blackouts in his country.

If you have an interesting story to tell about how SIMTICS has helped you, we’d love to hear it!  You can reach me at [email protected]

Here are the top 12 countries where our subscribers hail from:

1. USA 40.52%
2. Australia 4.61%
3. Canada 4.40%
4. Nigeria 3.21%
5. Korea 3.20%
6. India 2.89%
7. Norway 2.86%
8. Great Britain 2.78%
9. New Zealand 2.73%
10. Japan 2.73%
11. Saudi Arabia 2.60%
12. Brazil 2.55%

Is your country on the list?


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