Customer story: SIMTICS is an absolute savior!


I somehow stumbled on the SIMTICS website and it was the best thing I could’ve ever done. I just want to say thank you to the SIMTICS team for this ingenious website. As an ultrasound technician who works alone and is contracted with an outside imaging center this website is an absolute savior! I wish I would’ve found this sooner, but better late than never!

I don’t know how else to stress my gratitude. I have recommended this site to all my colleagues and friends in the medical field. I look forward to purchasing many more subscriptions. Thank you, thank you, thank you! For making learning so accessible and so affordable! Sincerely – a very, very grateful customer.

Cristina Adriano

We received that customer email back in 2014. And four years later, in 2018, Cristina is still using SIMTICS as an education reference and resource!

We caught up with her to find out what keeps her coming back…

Working as an ultrasound technologist in a small radiology department brings challenges and opportunities. Cristina Adriano works for a medical group/imaging center in San Bernardino County, California. In her job, she isn’t surrounded by other ultrasound professionals every day. So she makes her own opportunities to stay on top of the field.

When she finished her training, almost eight years ago, Cristina searched for on-line tools to support her continuing professional development. She found the SIMTICS ultrasound eLearning modules and hasn’t looked back. SIMTICS offers multiple learning modes for busy professionals and students: with textual explanations of protocols, 2D and 3D anatomy models, quizzes, and unique online simulations of the scanning procedures available in each module, this allows learners to choose how they want to interact with the materials at the moment when they have time for learning.

For Cristina, the videos of professionals doing and explaining the protocols are her go-to mode of learning. ‘I’m a visual learner. I like to see what’s going on. The videos are very helpful and realistic. They refresh my knowledge of protocols I might not have done for a while.’ But SIMTICS has far more than just videos: the interactive simulations allow the user to put their video learning into practice, and also to test their skill level.

Why SIMTICS? Cristina says the product is user friendly, accessible, informative, and legitimate. And it doesn’t cost the earth. Cristina buys different ultrasound modules as she needs them, or if she is just plain curious about a type of ultrasound assessment she has never done. Because SIMTICS is web-based, the built-in guidance is available when she needs it and where she needs it. “It’s been a savior at times. Questions of protocols and/or anatomy of scanning are all answered here.”

Cristina finds SIMTICS so valuable that she is paying for it herself. “There are other products out there – but not at the same affordable cost and not so user friendly. I recommend it to other ultrasound specialists. It’s so awesome, I love it!”

To find out more about SIMTICS, go to

Thanks to Cristina for her help with this article!


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SIMTICS is a product of SimTutor Inc. SIMTICS is a library of simulation-based content which enables cognitive learning & testing of medical, clinical and allied health skills anytime, anywhere. Its multi-media cognitive simulations are integrated with 3D anatomy, quiz, video and text, putting all the resources the learner needs in one place, at their fingertips. Like an "online flight simulator for clinical procedures”, SIMTICS de-risks the learning experience and allows learners to practice and rehearse as often as required to build competence and confidence. SimTutor has a a second product, SimTutor Author, a cost effective and intuitive eLearning authoring tool. It requires no coding experience to rapidly build learning objects using existing content including videos, illustrations, photos and slides that you already have on-hand, and bring them to life as interactive and gradable simulations. If you don’t have the content you need, you can quickly create a PowerPoint file, upload it and use SimTutor’s unique authoring features to create all types of eLearning from simple interactions to immersive simulated scenario-based training.

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