Cherry is the Chief Executive. She brings a wealth of expertise to SIMTICS, having started her career as a teacher then moving into the computer industry to use her education skills there. She moved through a variety of roles, including management consulting, until she became a senior executive. Cherry has been with SIMTICS since late 2008 and enjoys sharing the benefits of web-based skills simulations with educators and students right around the world.8 Articles

SIMTICS enables learning & testing of cognitive clinical skills anytime, anywhere. Its multi-media cognitive simulations are integrated with 3D anatomy, quiz, video and text, so all the resources the learner needs are in one place. Like an online “flight simulator for clinical procedures”, SIMTICS de-risks the learning experience and allows learners to practice and rehearse as often as required to build competence and confidence. SIMTICS is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand and has a US sales office in Hartford, Connecticut, with resellers in India, Saudi Arabia and Australia.7 Articles

Shelly Zimbelman has been in the healthcare field for over 20 years, beginning her career as a Radiologic Technologist. She then trained as a Sonographer, and moved into Sonography education as an instructor and later a program director. Shelly was on the team that selected, implemented and embedded SIMTICS in the Sanford-Brown Sonography, Radiography and Medical Assisting programs. For several years she also managed the operations of health consumer training programs for Career Education Corporation, the parent company of the Sanford-Brown allied health schools. In her role at SIMTICS Shelly is responsible for various education and business projects, and plays a key role in designing and updating our product content. She also uses her teaching background to work with allied health faculty to help them better understand and maximize SIMTICS eLearning simulations as part of their curriculum.3 Articles

Beth has over 10 years of post-secondary teaching experience, including 7+ years in eLearning/online environments. She specializes in teaching non-traditional and at-risk student populations, including active military, working adult, ESL, and first-generation students. Beth has expertise in curriculum development and instructional design, and has built courses and training programs from concept to completion. She has also contributed as a writer for some of SIMTICS' latest allied health modules.2 Articles

Justine and her team do all the business and marketing support for SIMTICS. This includes looking after our social media pages - and writing articles for this blog!2 Articles