SIMTICS Vascular Ultrasound Simulations


SIMTICS Vascular Ultrasound Simulations

This bundle of 5 modules covers key procotols for vascular scanning:

  • ultrasound examination of the lower limb arteries – covers scanning of the femoropopliteal segment, distal external iliac and common femoral artery, femoral artery, popliteal arteries, tibial and peroneal arteries, aorto-iliac segment, distal abdominal aorta, common iliac arteries, external iliac arteries, aorto-iliac segment, and obtaining images of grafts or stents
  • ultrasound examination of the lower limb veins – covering the common femoral vein, femoral vein, popliteal vein, posterior tibial and peroneal veins; how to evaluate for thrombus and evaluate valve competence with Valsalva, augmentation, and photoplethysmography (PPG)
  • ultrasound vessel mapping – this module covers how to prepare for and perform preoperative vein-artery ultrasound mapping, and how to scan for signs of upper limb venous thrombosis; upper limb mapping procedure for arteriovenous fistula (AVF), sclerotherapy mapping, perforator veins and varicosity marking, radial artery harvest, venous bypass graft suitability and harvest

Each SIMTICS module contains simulations of the normal procedure plus step-by-step text with illustrations and pathology descriptions, video demonstration, 3D anatomy model, and quizzes. All your study time and scores are tracked in the logbook.

Earn SVU CME credits too! – 3 per module, for a total of 15 credits if you complete all 5 modules.


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Shelly Zimbelman has been in the healthcare field for over 20 years, beginning her career as a Radiologic Technologist. She then trained as a Sonographer, and moved into Sonography education as an instructor and later a program director. Shelly was on the team that selected, implemented and embedded SIMTICS in the Sanford-Brown Sonography, Radiography and Medical Assisting programs. For several years she also managed the operations of health consumer training programs for Career Education Corporation, the parent company of the Sanford-Brown allied health schools. In her role at SIMTICS Shelly is responsible for various education and business projects, and plays a key role in designing and updating our product content. She also uses her teaching background to work with allied health faculty to help them better understand and maximize SIMTICS eLearning simulations as part of their curriculum.

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